Saturday, January 5, 2013

On the Creature Trail

We have been coming to Sanibel Island for many years, but it wasn't until I started learning about biomimicry that I really paid attention to the abundant Life that is present on this natural beach.  We took a recent trip to the beach at low tide and came across some fascinating creatures!  I even got other kids involved and one of their moms asked if I was a marine biologist.  I said no, I'm an architect, but I have an amazing instructor in biomimicry that is!  So, this post is a thank you to Biomimicry3.8's Dayna Baumeister.  Everyone involved in design should be lucky enough to learn from her and the amazing creature stories she shares.

Budding Scientists
Small Whelk
And Large Whelk
The Sanibel Stoop (with young knees!)
A Critter in the Tidal Pools
Little Crabs (Don't Eat Them, Jake!)
Washed Up Fish
And Even a Sand Dollar!
What an amazing day on the Creature Trail (and thanks to the amazing kid's show Wild Kratts for the phrase)!

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